Sunday Stuff

Three things that caught my eye this weekend. The first two are good morale boosters for all authors like me thinking of self-publishing on Kindle. 1. Neil Pollack in a New York Times interview says: “My self-published product may not be the easiest proposition for mainstream publishers. It will be short, it’s about Jews and… Continue reading Sunday Stuff

Tips on Book Reviewing

Book reviewing seems to be cropping up on various blogs at the moment (e.g. the Blood Red Pencil, Self-Publishing Advisor, Carolyn Howard Johnson’s Sharing with Writers – and that’s just in the last day or so. Authors are prepared to pay a lot of money for book reviews. The sort of sums mentioned seem scary… Continue reading Tips on Book Reviewing

Finding Time

How to fit a few more precious moments of writing into a busy day around your day job: Five extremely practical ways: Only wash up/load the dishwasher once a day. Stop checking Facebook, Twitter, your blog stats etc quite so often. Shower faster – or less often. You choose! Cut housework down to the absolute… Continue reading Finding Time