Housewife Writes Bestseller by Ann Victoria Roberts

‘Housewife Writes Bestseller – A Tale of Life & Luck’ Synopsis: One Thursday in July, 1989, beneath the headline, Obsession That Became A Bestseller, the Daily Mail featured a photo of a young woman looking like a lottery winner. The Sun’s piece was cheekier: Mum Makes A Million, appeared beside the boobs on Page Three.… Continue reading Housewife Writes Bestseller by Ann Victoria Roberts

Metamorphosis by Sara Madderson

Do you ever feel as though you’re sleepwalking through life? Awake, but not fully conscious? Surviving, but not thriving? So many of us have built ourselves cocoons that, while comfortable, limit us from living fully. Cocoons can be either a form of confinement or, as nature shows us, an incubator for transformation. In Metamorphosis, Sara Madderson… Continue reading Metamorphosis by Sara Madderson