Mindmapping is all about avoiding the disadvantages of making a list i.e. thinking in a non-creative, linear way. It’s about emptying your brain to get ideas which you can tidy up later. This is what makes it such a great tool for creative people e.g. authors. It’s inspirational and keeps those brainwaves pulsing. If you’re… Continue reading Mindmapping

Kindle Million Club

So, the Kindle Million Club now has its seventh member – Michael Connelly. He joins Stieg Larsson, James Patterson, Nora Roberts, Charlaine Harris, Lee Child and Suzanne Collins. Which isn’t good – I haven’t knowingly read a book by any of these guys! Let’s see what they’re about. Michael Connelly – he has written some… Continue reading Kindle Million Club

Sunday Stuff

Three things that caught my eye this weekend. The first two are good morale boosters for all authors like me thinking of self-publishing on Kindle. 1. Neil Pollack in a New York Times interview says: “My self-published product may not be the easiest proposition for mainstream publishers. It will be short, it’s about Jews and… Continue reading Sunday Stuff

Finding Time

How to fit a few more precious moments of writing into a busy day around your day job: Five extremely practical ways: Only wash up/load the dishwasher once a day. Stop checking Facebook, Twitter, your blog stats etc quite so often. Shower faster – or less often. You choose! Cut housework down to the absolute… Continue reading Finding Time