Tube and Worm Trolling by Capt Ryan Collins

Tube and Worm Trolling: From the first know to the gaff shot! by Captain Ryan Collins is a well-researched and sleekly produced ebook aimed at the striped bass angler. It is heavily illustrated with black and white drawings and color photos, many of which are annotated to make them even more helpful. There is a ton of practical advice on all aspects of fishing for striped bass, step by step instructions on how to make your own tubes, some useful theory on tubes and worms generally, and vitally important safety information. The author emphasizes how it is the little things that make all the difference when fishing, and there are plenty of useful snippets of advice to be found throughout the book. Small adjustments in gear and fishing method can result in a much higher catch rate.


My one criticism is that the author doesn’t fully explain what trolling is before he launches into his first section on gear. This activity is crucial to the book, which is aimed at beginners as well as more seasoned anglers. This former group would need to be told how to troll. It’s not until page 46 that there’s any real information about a system of trolling to use. However, the book is extremely clearly written and every angler will get some benefit from it. The authors writes from his experience and doesn’t spare himself, referring to the ‘bonehead mistakes’ he’s made in the past! This is a generous book that hands out valuable fishing wisdom to the keen striped bass angler.

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