A Seagull Summer by Jane Lovering


Leah has come to Dorset to collect seaweed samples for a nutrition research project. She’s trying to leave behind a disastrous family life, and is haunted by the death of her best friend, Claire, on whom she relied for advice.

Here she meets Brendon, an Australian come to search for his mysteriously-vanished-from-the-family great grandfather. Brendon has discovered a fear of British seagulls, particularly Roger, a hand-reared bird which has taken a liking to Leah. As Leah and Brendon form a summer friendship, their pasts catch up with them. But together they help each other to see beyond the narrow confines and mistakes of the past.

My review

This is an enjoyable romcom, with a side helping of some serious, tricky family issues.

Leah is a hard-working scientist who’s not good at enjoying herself. Brendon, in contrast, is a free spirit who very much lives for the moment. Whereas Leah would rather forget her difficult mother, Brendon is on a quest to find out more about his in the form of his great-grandfather. Leah is also trying to come to terms with a difficult secret.

Events, and a demanding seagull called Roger, bring the two together. There’s the will they, won’t they element that all romcom fans love, with other action to keep us interested while the emotion grows steadily in the background.

There were some fascinating secondary characters and lots of entertaining situations.


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