Parasite? The Secret Diary of a Landlord


Get ready to learn what really happens behind closed doors.

Landlords have become one of the most hated groups in society. Parasites, they’re often called. And there’s a lot of them. The Treasury estimates there are almost 2.6 million landlords in the UK with around 5.45 million rental properties.

But the real life of a professional landlord is very different from what most people think. From burglaries and break-ins to drug raids, police warrants, crazy tenant antics, bailiffs, squatters, lawsuits, wrecked properties, interfering council officers, game-playing freeholders to moments of heartfelt joy and happiness, the life of a landlord is never dull. Especially when the government keeps moving the goalposts.

This explosive front-line exposé blows the lid off what it’s really like to be a landlord and the shocking reality of renting out a property. Hovering close to a nervous breakdown and likely suffering PTSD, the Secret Landlord exposes truths rarely shared. Stories that will grip you, move you and smack you in the face.


My review

As someone who rents out a holiday cottage I had an inkling of what to expect. It came as no surprise to find remarks such as how giving an inch means the tenant then proceeds to take a mile, and how from being a trusting person the author has turned into someone who will only trust people as far as they can throw them!

However, even as a pre-cynicalised landlord I was truly shocked by some of the events that came the author’s way. What seemed the worst was the council’s attitude. Councils need private landlords to help home disadvantaged persons yet seem to delight in making life as difficult as possible for the owners of the properties that they so desperately need. It emerges clearly in this book how much things are actually stacked against landlords: how easy it is for tenants to make unjustified trouble for them through official channels. It’s a true eye-opener. Yes, absolutely tenants need protection too, but responsibilities must be faced on both sides.

The author, who deserves a medal, ploughs her lonely and besieged furrow with determination, energy and, where it can be found, humour. And restraint. If I were to write my similar diary there’d be a whole lot more swearing going on!

It’s a lively, sensitive read, clearly presented without becoming too technical regarding the various legal issues that crop up, and engaging throughout. If you’re a landlord, considering becoming one, or simply fancy a different sort of book for a change then make straight for this one.


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Author bio

The Secret Landlord has been renting, refurbishing and selling properties across the UK for almost two decades. An award winning landlord, as judged by the National Landlords Association, The Secret Landlord has provided accommodation for hundreds of tenants from all walks of life.

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