Heads Above Water – Official Launch

After a lot of umming and ahhing, I’ve decided to go with epublishing for Heads Above Water. And more specifically, with Kindle only to start with. I shall try out the Kindle Select program, whereby if you make your book exclusive to Amazon for 90 days, it’s offered free to premium subscribers as part of the lending library and you will get a share of the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library fund. Other customers buy it at the price you set, so there’s the possibility of two streams of income. Now, I haven’t done too brilliantly on Kindle up to now, but then I’ve only published a few non-illustrated children’s books and Best of Blog in France directly to it. They’re also available on Smashwords. Best of Blog in France is free on Smashwords, and hence on Barnes and Noble to which Smashwords distributes. I did this on purpose because Amazon supposedly always match the price, or lack of, on B&N, at least for a while. However, despite sending emails telling  Amazon about the free version of BoBiF, it was never made free for Kindle and that would have got me a lot of downloads and a lot of publicity.

But I’ll give Select a go and we’ll see what happens. I’m launching the book on 17th April, 37 days from now, and my daughter’s 18th birthday. That’s an auspicious day if ever there was one! I shall be organising a virtual book tour and doing some more promotional activities. I’ll keep you posted.