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Welcome to Books Are Cool, the book related sister site to Blog in France. So yes, I’m taking part twice in my own blog hop! It wasn’t intentional. I needed to try out the linky tool when I was setting the blog hop up, since it’s my first go at organising one. So I signed this site up for it, intending to delete it later. Which I forgot to do!

Anyway, here is a list of non-fiction books about expat life which I have really enjoyed reading, and which I’m sure you will too.

1. A Summer in Gascony by Martin Calder

2. Perking the Pansies by Jack Scott Bodrun

3. French Fried by Chris Dolley

4. One Year in Wonderland by Christopher Combe

5. Big Backpack, Little World by Donna Morang

6. C’est La Folie by Michael Wright

7. Expat Women: Confessions by Andrea Martins

8. The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz

9. Two Lipsticks and a Lover by Helen Frith Powell

10. A Year in Provence, Toujours Provence and Encore Provence by Peter Mayle

11. Older Man, Younger Man by Joseph Dispenza (taking part in this blog hop – see the table below). Not explicitly an expat life book, but it’s the moving personal account by an expat of a certain difficult period in his life.

11. Coming very soon to Kindle – Heads Above Water by me – Stephanie Dagg!

And a couple of very enjoyable fictional expat stories.

1. Vantastic France by Steve Bichard (taking part in this blog hop – see the list below)

2. Sunshine Soup by Jo Parfitt


And the expat blog hop freebie? A copy of my children’s ebook Oh Grandad! from Smashwords. Comment below and I’ll send you the code to obtain a copy for free in your preferred format. (There are lots of free books for grabs too on my Smashwords page here.)

Please visit the other blogs in the blog hop, not forgetting Blog in France. More freebies up for grabs!


  1. Thanks for the helpful list of books for expats. I know some of them and look forward to reading the others, especially “Heads Above Water”.

    And many thanks for organizing the Expat Blog hop. It’s my first one!

    Hopping to another blog now…

  2. Would love a copy of your book for my daughter, and thanks for the great list -> even as an avid reader of expat books, there are a few new ones for me to add to my list!!

  3. Cheat! No, only joking. Thanks for the list. Some of them I’ve read but others I wasn’t aware of. Everyone has their tale to tell, it seems! Hope the blog hop goes well for you.

  4. Have you read Becoming French by Sarah Turnball? It’s a wonderful book about an Australian who fell in love with a Parisian and how she adjusted to life here.

  5. So glad you included this blog too, even if it was a mistake. I love reading and can’t wait to Kindle all your expat recos. Thank you1

  6. Hi Steph
    great list of books and very handy to have as I didn’t know all of these. Just wanted to say that to a newbie like me at blogging, Blog Hops, Twitter and Facebook etc, you are an inspiration and a bit of an unwitting mentor – you always seem happy to share information and things that are going on and I really do appreciate it. Its been fun hopping today!

  7. It’s not fair to leave a list that long of lovely books to read, especially when I haven’t got pencil nearby to jot them all down, nor have i mastered the wifi part of my printer!! A few I’ve read, but having looked at the blogs i am pârticularly tempted by all the books written by bloghoppers. Fun day.

  8. Didn’t know you reviewed books too! Have just added some of your recommendations to a growing list… when I finish the book I’m writing I might get time to read some of them! Keep up the good work.

    1. There are so many wonderful books out there – this is just scratching the surface.

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