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The King’s Ransom by Cheryl Carpinello: Book Review

kings ransomA prince, an orphan and a blacksmith’s apprentice are brought together in this lively historical/mythical fiction for tweens and young adults. When their friend, the Wild Man, is accused of having stolen a valuable medallion from the king, Gavin, Philip and Bryan set out to prove his innocence. Their paths aren’t easy and they face various challenges, their own fears and difficult decisions as they travel away from their native Wales into the realm of King Arthur. We also meet a ghost and a witch.

We hear the story from the points of view of our three young main characters. This approach works very well as we really get to know each of them in turn and tackle their adventures alongside them. There are plenty of unexpected developments along the way which  makes for very interesting and exciting reading. Our heroes develop during their journey and through them we all get an insight into medieval life, as well as into loyalty and chivalry.

Cheryly Carpinello has clearly done a lot of research into the period and into Arthurian legend. There is a teacher’s guide/behind the scenes book that goes with The King’s Ransom thus making this story a suitable teaching tool for use in schools and at home.

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