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A Book To Make You Dance – Dancing Naked In Dixie by Lauren Clark

Here is another wonderful book from author Lauren Clark. She made a brilliant debut with Stay Tuned which, if you haven’t, then you really should read.

The heroine of this book is Julia Sullivan, a travel writer for a magazine, and let’s just say she hasn’t been as on the ball with her articles as she should have been. But she has also had to deal with her mother’s death and that has taken its toll. It’s also fair to say she has got used to swanning around to exotic locations and eventually turning in a few less than inspiring columns about them.  All that suddenly changes when a new editor takes over – Julia’s father, David. Julia hasn’t had a good relationship with him recently so probably the last things she needs is an ultimatum from him to pull her socks up or lose her job. And no more predictable, popular places to visit. Julia’s next assignment is to Eufaula in Alabama. Julia is frankly horrified.

So Julia finds herself in Eufaula where her initial contact is Shug Jordan, who has a typical sweet Southern Belle on his arm. But appearances can be deceptive. Not only does Eufaula, home of sweet tea and the annual pilgrimage, begin to surprise Julia with its complexity and its generally friendly and caring attitude, but she learns not to judge people too quickly either. There’s more than meets the eye to all the people she comes across. She also discovers something rather shocking.

Never predictable, always entertaining, this is a classy, sassy story that’s sure to have a very wide appeal. I love it!

If you enjoyed Stay Tuned, then here’s an interesting interview with Lauren about that book. Lauren is an imaginative, committed and enthusiastic author.

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