Oh Dad!

The second book in the Oh! series. This time it’s Dad’s turn to go under the spotlight. In this story, Mum goes away for a few days so Dad is in charge of Lucy and  Mikey. Lucy has a hunch things will go wrong – and they do. Dad gives the kids the wrong lunchboxes (Lucy has the Teletubbies one – the shame of it!), he turns all the washing green, he’s late picking Lucy up, he burns the buns for the Beavers cake sale. And that’s just for a start. Uh oh. But Dad rescues the cake sale from ruin with the help of a good strong curry …

A fun, easy-to-read story with no hidden agendas!

Based on husband Chris to a small extent in that he loves strong curries, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Chris knows his way round a washing machine, thank goodness! As ever I’ve used little incidents from our family life in the story – my son was in Beavers, I muddled up lunchboxes a couple of times, and I’ve turned the washing the wrong colour more than once!

Lovely pictures from Kim Shaw.

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