Oh Auntie!

Oh Auntie!, the print version, came out in 2005. It’s set on our neighbour’s farm in Ireland and features Auntie, a high flying executive with a keen sense of fashion, who comes to babysit Robyn and Paul while their parents go to a farming conference. Auntie hates dirty farms, and the kids think Auntie is boring and silly. It doesn’t look like being a fun weekend.

However, introduce Auntie to muddy paths, chicken eggs with poop on, a licky calf, a tractor and the handsome Jim, a farmer just down the road, and you’ve got plenty of excitement after all!

I’m not a label-conscious person so I did a lot of research about designer clothes for theĀ  book. I also learned how to drive a John Deere tractor! You see, I have always taken my authorial research very seriously indeed.

Originally published by Mentor and illustrated by the talented Kim Shaw. I have print copies available. However, I’ve recently published the book on Kindle and Smashwords so now it’s an ebook too, with a hot new cover by Roger Fereday.

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