Katie’s Cake

Katie, from Katie’s Caterpillars, returns in Katie’s Cake. This time Mum makes Auntie Susan a super rainbow birthday cake, then goes to watch her quiz on telly. She leaves Katie in the kitchen. Katie can’t resist the icing and soon she’s licked it all off. Uh oh, she’ll be in trouble! She decides to make some replacement icing using some very unusual ingredients …

A double page spread from the book

This story was inspired by something that happened nearly 19 years ago now! I made my one-year-old Benjamin (he’s almost 20) a rainbow birthday cake, left it unattended in the kitchen for five minutes during which time our dog Suchie jumped up and licked off half the icing. So, with little time to go before a few friends with babies were due to arrive for a party, I had to rustle up a new cake and icing. This incident stuck with me and I used it with a little twist in this story.

Katie’s Cake has been translated into both Gaelic and Scots Gaelic.

The Gaelic version has been very popular.

Scots Gaelic version

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