My books

Here’s a list of my books – so far. Click on the link below, or on the drop down menu on the My Books tab, to visit it and find a synopsis and photo, and the story behind that particular story. My writing always has strong connections with my family life …

O’Brien Press books

Katie’s Caterpillars – UK/Ireland and US versions

Katie’s Cake – UK/Ireland, Gaelic and Scots Gaelic versions

The Big Brother

Anna’s Secret Granny

SkimmingI had a story in this anthology for 10+ year olds

Mentor Press Books

Oh Mum!

Oh Dad!

Beat the Hackers

Flint Dog

Oh Gran!

Oh Grandad!

Oh Teacher!

Oh Auntie!

Oh Santa! (definitely my favourite!)

Escape the Volcano

Escape the Avalanche

Escape the Flood

Escape the Twister

Scooter Gang: Bags of Trouble

Scooter Gang: Mobile Madness

Scooter Gang: Python Panic

Scooter Gang: Rainforest Run

Beat the Hackers

Copper Lion

The Witch’s Dog


Witching Again


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