www.bloginfrance.com is my daily blog about life in France with its ups, downs, complications and confusions – normally French life, in other words!

http://www.ebook-ed.it is where you’ll find budget priced ebook editing for indie authors by a professional editor – me!

www.asummeringascony.com is Martin Calder’s website about his book and Gascony.

vanessafrance.wordpress.com is writer and blogger Vanessa Couchman’s website about her life in France.

http://alexadena.wordpress.com/ is talented novelist Alex Adena’s site. Great daily pic of a crazy sign!

http://ashenclaw.com/ is the website of Gary F Vanucci showcasing his cool books. Read his very interesting blog here http://eyeonashenclaw.blogspot.com/


3 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I was just wondering if I could interest you in reviewing any of my collections of short stories, with a twist in the tale, for women. They are all featured on my website. All are ebooks.
    Thank you for your time in considering my request.

  2. I found your site via TheBookBuzzers on twitter and I saw that you do book reviews for free. Is that correct? I write fantasy fiction of all kinds both adult and YA. I currently have three titles available for purchase and a dozen more under contract. My current titles are Shadow Born (epic fantasy, first of a five book series), Flight Of Dragons (fantasy/adventure, stand alone), and Elfblood (YA urban fantasy, first in a trilogy).


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