Oh Gran!

Gran is recently back from spending a few years in Australia. She comes to look after Emily for a weekend. Emily is dreading it as she doesn’t really know her Gran, and all her friends say theirs are boring and fussy. Grans can be so uncool.
But not this Gran. She rides a tiger-striped motor-bike, a bit too fast sometimes. She eats nothing but burgers and muffins and has picked up some handy Aboriginal skills during her time ‘down under’.
Emily is in for quite a surprise!

The terrific cover is by Roger Fereday.

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The reviewers say:

Cute little story. Well written, fun, sure to please the kids. Love the idea of a wild, funky grandma, even if it isn’t as surprising an image as it once was. (After all, many grandparents are kinda crazy nowadays!) Maranda Russell

Very nice short story for grandparents, grandkids and the kid within all of us. Good life reminders. I enjoyed it. Jason Matthews

This was an early-morning find. –Bright and happy reading for kids, parents and grandparents alike! Thanks. Barbara Dean Aliaga


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