Oh Auntie! (ebook)

I’ve just published my first book for Kindle, and I’ve also uploaded it to Smashwords and Xinxii. I’m a little technically challenged so it’s been slow going. But I think I did everything properly, and I know what to do for next time.

Anyway, Oh Auntie is out there in various ebook formats. It’s a light hearted, children’s story for young, confident readers. It’s set on an Irish farm  and is about Robyn and Paul and their aunt. She’s come to babysit for the weekend. The trouble is, Auntie doesn’t like farms, and Robyn and Paul think she’s boring. It could be a dull couple of days. But this visit turns out to be very exciting – for good and bad reasons!

I wrote this story in 2005 and it was published by Mentor Press, but never publicised much and didn’t do as well as it might have. So I have revised the text, commissioned a lovely piece of artwork for the cover from the wonderful artist Roger Fereday, and via Mobipocket Creator and Kindle Previewer, got the book onto Amazon.

To find it on amazon.com go here.

To find it on amazon.co.uk go here.

To find it on amazon.de (for European customers) go here.

Some more wrangling got my master version ready for Smashwords where it is now availabe here in various formats (HTML, javascript, .mobi, .epub, .pdf, .rtf, .lrf, Palm Doc and plain text.

Roger Fereday (www.rogerferedayillustrator.co.uk) created the cover artwork Caitlin Dagg added the title and my name, and got it to the right proportions for epublishing. Thanks Caiti!

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