Beat the Hackers

Heather Mayhew’s dad, Ray, has been slaving away for ages writing the ultimate anti-hacker program for computers. Meanwhile, Heather enjoys a happy, spoiled lifestyle. But just as Ray finishes his program, rubbing his hands at the thought of the fortune he’ll make from it, a mysterious company called Domination PLC launches their own version of the same thing – for free. Ray is ruined.
But Heather and her father’s troubles have only just started. The more they find out about Domination, the worst things get. After a journalist who comes to see them is kidnapped, Heather and Ray are forced to go on the run to escape Domination and try to save the world’s computers. However, Ray is caught – so it’s all up to Heather …

Another awesome cover by daugther Caiti.

This is a great adventure story, with a feisty young heroine. Priced at a teeny tiny 99 cents, you can get it from Smashwords here or any of the various Amazons from their Kindle store. It’s noticeable that since I uploaded the book to Smashwords too, the price came down from $3.74 to $1.43!


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