The Lost Treasure of the Fourth Reich by Barrett J Clisby

The Lost Treasure of the Fourth Reich by Barrett J Clisby describes itself as ‘an historically based suspense novel’. But what exactly does that mean? It means the author has used historical events as a base from which to weave a fictional, highly imaginative and exciting story. Brad Calder, the book’s hero, uncovers the sunk German submarine U-842, which went down at Hogsty Reef carrying looted  treasure en route from Nazi Germany to safe keeping in Argentina during the Second World War. It was also transporting the infamous ‘Red Leather Book’, which listed the names of all the people in Britain and America who had collaborated with the Nazis. There is plenty of action in this book as Brad and his colleagues Sally, Gail and Greg overcome horrific ordeals. It seems everyone wants what they recover from the U-842. Their pursuers include pirates, Nazi sumpathisers and Mossad.

The author has obviously done a phenomenal amount of research. His style is detailed and methodical. This might sound slow-going, but it isn’t. Once the author has set the scene in the early chapters, then there’s no stopping it. There is also some jumping around between the present day and the past, which works very well in building up the complexity of the events within this book.  It comes as no surprise to learn that this Renaissance Man of a writer is a boat captain and sailing instructor, aviator, diver and amateur treasure hunter. His experience in these skilled fields shines through in the book, lending authenticity and interest.

And the best news of all is that this book is the first in a trilogy!

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