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I love reading and I love reviewing. Here are my opinions of books I’ve read recently. I always aim to be positive, and being such a literary enthusiast, I generally enjoy what I read. However, I aim to be honest too.

A Ranger’s Tale by Mysti Parker    Fantasy, romance ****

A Song for Europe by Simon Lipson    Fiction – Romcom   *****

A Summer in Gascony by Martin Calder   Non-fiction: memoir set in France   *****

Animus by Joseph Eastburn   Fiction – Jungian, thriller ****

Armando’s Daughter by R J Blute   Fiction: tongue-in-cheek gangster ****

Better Off Without Him by Dee Ernst   Rom-com, chick-lit ****

Big Backpack – Little World by Donna Morang   Non-fiction: travel memoir   *****

Busy Woman Guide to Safety by Carla Thompson    Non-fiction: women’s safety guide ***

C’est La Folie by Michael Wright   Non-fiction: memoir set in France   *****

Dark Pilgrim Rising by R Peter Ubrent   Science-Fiction *****

Detour de France by Michael Simkins   Non-fiction: memoir set in France   ****

Embacing the Lemonade Life by Sandra Sookoo   Fiction – Romcom   *****

Every Soldier Needs A Soul by David McDonald   Poetry ****

Expat Women: Confessions by Andrea Martin

Extremely Pale Rosé by Jamie Ivey   Non-fiction: memoir set in France   **

French Fried by Chris Dolley   Non-fiction: memoir set in France   ***

Grief and the Gardener by Pat Welsh Non-fiction: autobiography **

Lost Treasure of the Fourth Reich by Barrett J Clisby    Fiction: action adventure ***

Reclaiming Aphrodite by Anita Grace   Non-fiction: self-help ***

Signs and Wonders by Alex Adena   Fiction: spiritual *****

Stay Tuned by Lauren Clark Fiction: Romcom ****

Sunshine Soup: Nourishing the Global Soup by Jo Parfitt    Fiction: expat women ****

The Santa Shop by Tim Greaton    Fiction: Christmas ****

The Study Train by Kurt Freiner YA Fiction: magical fantasy ***

The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz   Non-fiction: cookery and memoir *****

The Wake-Up Call by Jonas Eriksson    Fiction: gritty Rom-Com *****

33 Days by Bill See   Non-fiction: rock autobiography **

Toulouse 4 Death by Gregory Randall   Crime ***

Tube and Worm Trolling by Ryan Collins   Fishing non-fiction ***

Two Lipsticks and a Lover by Helen Frith-Powell   Non-fiction: French women ****