Blood on the Tyne: Red Snow by Colin Garrow

Blood on the Tyne: Red Snow (book 3 in the Rosie Robson series).

A dead body. A hoard of forged banknotes. A gangster out for blood.

Newcastle, December 1955. Returning home after a weekend away, singer and amateur sleuth Rosie Robson discovers a man lying on a baggage trolley with his throat cut. After the police get involved, an attack on Rosie and her boss prompts Inspector Vic Walton to find a safe house for the pair. But the bad guys seem to be one step ahead of them and Rosie is forced to track down a possible witness to the murder in a bid to learn the truth. Can the canny crooner solve the mystery before a Newcastle gang boss catches up with her?

Set on Tyneside, Blood on the Tyne: Red Snow is book #3 in the Rosie Robson Murder Mysteries series.


My review

Oh dear, I’m a bit late to the party – apologies to the author for missing my slot on 13th January. I’d made a note to do my review on the 23rd. So much for being better organised in 2023.

Anyway, better late than never I hope.

I hadn’t read the two Rosie Robson books that precede this one in the series, but that didn’t matter too much as the book is written such that you quickly establish who’s who and find out any background information that you need to know. However, I shall be reading them now.

Blood on the Tyne: Red Snow is a very exciting, fast-paced thriller with a strong, interesting, resourceful and likeable protagonist. The setting is in and around Newcastle-upon-Tyne, somewhere I lived for a good few years although not in the 1950s! The author brings this area vividly to life in his writing.

The plot is clever and swift and sweeps you along. The action begins pretty much from the very start and you don’t get a lot of time to breathe once it’s begun.

The author’s sharp wit is always there, adding touches of humour.

A super story that’s very enjoyable and shines a light on an often forgotten decade in British history.


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True-born Geordie Colin Garrow grew up in a former mining town in Northumberland and has worked in a plethora of professions including taxi driver, antiques dealer, drama facilitator, theatre director and fish processor. He has also occasionally masqueraded as a pirate. Colin’s published books include the Watson Letters series, the Terry Bell Mysteries and the Rosie Robson Murder Mysteries. His short stories have appeared in several literary mags, including: SN Review, Flash Fiction Magazine, The Grind, A3 Review, Inkapture and Scribble Magazine. These days he lives in a humble cottage in Northeast Scotland.


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