Metamorphosis by Sara Madderson

Do you ever feel as though you’re sleepwalking through life? Awake, but not fully conscious? Surviving, but not thriving?
So many of us have built ourselves cocoons that, while comfortable, limit us from living fully. Cocoons can be either a form of confinement or, as nature shows us, an incubator for transformation. In Metamorphosis, Sara Madderson lays out a two-part framework for making changes in our lives that will bring us greater joy, consciousness and wonder, and that will elevate both our human relationships and our perceptions of the world around us.
Part I focuses on the metamorphosis process itself, providing six steps to shrug off our cocoon and awaken to our own limitlessness. Part II is devoted to navigating our external world, and helping us to understand exactly what we want in life. When we invest in our own transformation, and we transform our perceptions of the world around us, then we can emerge from our cocoon and truly embrace our own magnificence.

In this book, you will learn:

  • why we build cocoons for ourselves, and how to use our cocoons as incubators for growth and transformation
  • the 10 faces of unconsciousness and their nemeses: the 10 faces of consciousness
  • what taking responsibility really means, and why it is the single biggest step in any transformational process
  • why self-discipline is the key to metamorphosis, and how to turbo-charge your motivations to make it easy to make the changes that you want to make
  • how to upgrade the inputs that you feed into your brain to gain clarity, peace and wisdom
  • what steps to take to transform your health so you have the energy that you need for this journey
  • how to call out the unconscious limiting beliefs that we all accrue over time, and what it feels like to discover your real limitlessness
  • why our lives are far better than we think, and how to instantly transform our reality by upgrading our perception of it
  • why we need human connection, why we so often mess it up, and how to elevate our human relationships
  • how to identify what we really want, and don’t want, from our lives
  • the empowerment that comes when we reframe ‘luck’ and take control of our destiny
  • clarity around the law of attraction, and the most effective manifestation techniques.

By the end of this book you will be transformed, viewing life from the liberated perspective of the butterfly while knowing that your cocoon is there for you whenever you need to recharge and regenerate on your lifelong journey.


The trouble with many self-help books is that they seem utterly detached from reality and thus leave you feeling an abject failure because you know you’ll never, ever achieve the goals they set. You’re the hippo stuck in a mud wallow, gazing forlornly at the surrounding sunny grasslands through which gazelle leap daintily and birds of paradise flit. (I think they all co-exist in the same continent!) It all seems hopeless.

Metamorphosis isn’t at all like that. It’s set in a world we recognise and is written by someone who’s very talented and successful yet still has their feet firmly planted on the ground. The point comes over clearly that’s no magic wand to wave to transform everything, but self-discipline, taking control and making changes, none of which come easily, are the way forward. A butterfly doesn’t burst out of its cocoon in an instant: it does it little by little. That’s how to make positive and lasting change to how you live.

Sara Madderson gently but firmly encourages us to be that better person that we all want to be.

This difficult year has knocked a lot of us back financially, physically and emotionally, so this book is particularly welcome. We have more need than ever to change, to metamorphose, to successfully meet the new ‘normal’ we now face and unleash better coping and thriving mechanisms.

Metamorphosis is inspirational in an achievable way and I know I’ve benefitted from reading it and starting to follow the advice and steps it contains. My transformation is underway, so read this book and get yours going too.



Sara Madderson is an author, entrepreneur, wife and mother. She was born in Ireland and moved to the UK with her family when she was ten years old. She lives in London with her husband Chris, their two children, Paddy and Tilly, and their cocker spaniel, Charlie.

Before turning to writing, Sara worked in finance for a decade and then ran her own fashion brand, Madderson London, for eight years. She earned her MPhil in Early Modern History from the University of Birmingham.

Metamorphosis is Sara’s first book. Given that she spent most of her childhood writing and designing clothes, she’s now seen both of her childhood career dreams come true! She’s enjoyed the adventure of publishing independently as much as she’s enjoyed the writing process itself. She’s now completely hooked on writing!

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  • Paperback : 242 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1916353002
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1916353008
  • Product Dimensions : 12.7 x 1.55 x 20.32 cm
  • Publisher : Sara Madderson (11 Feb. 2020)