It’s Never Too Late To Look Great by Maggie Cox: sensible but superb inspiration for the style-less!

It’s Never Too Late To Look Great by Maggie Cox

The book’s subtitle is ‘Style for the Young at Heart’, which is, of course, a nicer way of saying ‘for the over-fifties’!

It is easy to get complacent appearance-wise when you hit middle age. You tend to go for comfort and practicality over high fashion, or actually any fashion at all. In my case, with a very large smallholding and a carp fishing business, I generally live in scruffies and wellies. But when I started nipping into the tiny supermarket in our local small market town in these same scruffies, and even once in the wellies, I realised I was letting things go a bit too much.

Hence reading this book. I was a bit wary to start with, as what one person might consider highly fashionable, someone else would refuse to be seen dead in. However, I quickly realised that the author wants us to preserve our uniqueness, for us to relish what is ‘us’ about us, but merely to step out of the shadows and be seen. We’re too young to disappear into the background just yet.

At the heart of the book is the author’s idea of STAR qualities. The second of these, and for me the most crucial, is  ‘True to Yourself’, but I shan’t reveal the others. You’ll have to treat yourselves to this excellent book to find out! ‘True to yourself’ is about nurturing our personality in what we wear. We should go for things we feel comfortable in and in which we can be ourselves. I’ve attempted some ‘relooking’ in the past and failed, I realise now, because I was going for an image that just wasn’t me. The author tells us how to identify what our ‘thing’ is and build on it in fashionable and interesting ways. She takes us through all four of the STAR qualities, and advises us on how to pull all these aspects together and be proud to be seen.

We hear from fashion designers and snappy dressers in the book, and there are plenty of photos to inspire. The author points us firmly in the direction of where to find inspiration. There’s also a quick look at the fashion faux pas which are the author’s pet hats, and that’s fun. ‘Badly packed parachute’ and ‘wrinkly teenager’ are two of the looks not to go for!  

This is a clever and inspiring book from a lively and encouraging author. I’m taking her tips on board and promise faithfully that I shall never be seen in public in clothes that I milk llamas in (no, you didn’t read that wrong) or wear when chasing escaped piglets.

And should you need any more encouragement to read this book for yourself, then I must tell you that Maggie Cox reveals that Cleopatra is her no. 2 style icon. Now, how can you not want to hear more from this person! Mediu