Guest Post from Nancy Pennick, Author of Stealing Time

Today I’m featuring a guest post from author Nancy Pennick, as part of her virtual book tour for Stealing Time with Backcover Promotions, the third book in her Waiting for Dusk series.
stealing time
The Feel of a Good Book
With the invention of the Kindle and Nook, there are so many ways to read a book these days. A lot of people say they like the feel of the book in their hand. I admit I was one of them.
As a young girl, I remember how it felt to pick a book out at the library, carefully taking my time. I’d place the stack on the check-out counter with a feeling of accomplishment. The librarian would slowly turn the book over, open the back cover and remove the card. She’d stamp the card and then the book with the due date. Things were pretty simple back then.
 A book plays an important part in my novel, too. Without it, Katie would never be able to live her two lives. She reads right before she goes to bed, places it on her nightstand and off she goes!
I never really thought about time machines or other contraptions to help the characters travel through time. A set of books did the trick. They are precious to their owners, kept safely tucked away next to their beds. All they have to do is read, go to sleep and they arrive at their destination.
The funny thing about these special books is that the characters never remember what they read or what the book is about. Hopefully that doesn’t happen to you!
 About the author

nancyAfter a great career in teaching, Nancy found a second calling as a writer. Ohio is her home but she loves to travel the U.S. Her debut young adult novel, Waiting for Dusk, was a surprise to her as much as it was to her family. Watching a PBS series on National Parks, her mind wandered to another place and that is where the characters of Katie and Andrew were born. Call of the Canyon and Stealing Time continue their story. The Swedish influences found in the books came from her mother whose parents emigrated from Sweden. Nancy currently resides in Mentor, Ohio with her husband and their college-age son.


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About Stealing Time 

This is a Young Adult title published by Ice & Fire and available in Kindle, Nook and print formats. 

Drew from the past…

Kate from the present…

Two worlds collided.

As senior year comes to a close, a promise of new beginnings is on the horizon. Kate longs to head to Arizona and college until her former friend, Tyson, does the unimaginable forcing her to stay in Ohio. Her family has to pull together to keep their secrets safe. Anna wishes to return to the canyon in 1927 once more and Kate’s determined to make that a reality. Summer’s filled with wonderful memories and little warning of things to come. Kate’s world grows darker and she must be the one to conquer the demons and save the world that is most precious to her.

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