Meet Fawn Atondo: imaginative author of contemporary paranormal

fawn picI’m thrilled to feature new author Fawn Atondo on Books Are Cool today. Fawn has just published her first book, Chosen Darkness. It’s contemporary paranormal, with some very original twists and turns along the way. The main characters are Falyn, a lone werewolf, and Alex, a vampire bounty hunter. When they meet, there’s instant attraction, but werewolves and vampires aren’t allowed to become partners, on pain of death. And Falyn soon learns she has a crucially important role to play in uniting the fractured werewolf society. It could be too much for a nineteen-year-old but Falyn has buckets of attitude and stamina.

Fawn Atondo creates some unusual and wonderful characters. She puts them into testing and entertaining situations, and you’re never sure what’s coming next. Chosen Darkness is exciting and different, sexy and imaginative.

I asked Fawn some questions about Chosen Darkness and her experiences as a self-published author.

What inspired you to write Chosen Darkness?

I have always loved vampires and werewolves. I wanted to make them something other than just bad or monsters. Yet not go Twilight with it either. Something for adults, something full of all kinds of immortal beings. A world inside a world.

Please describe it in 100 words.

Falyn is a lone werewolf whose work leads her to Alex Rave, a vampire bounty hunter. They quickly find out she is the bounty. After she escapes from the man who hired Alex to find her, Alex teams up with her to help her find out about the strange power locked inside her. She is meant to lead her race. It won’t be easy, but she finds a way to do it: she must become a shadow wolf. The only problem is she will have to give up the one thing she wants more than uniting her people: Alex.

What’s the appeal of paranormal as a genre?

The fact you can do so much with it! The endless ideas you could make out of the same creatures everyone knows about and writes about. I like how quickly things can go wrong in a paranormal world, making for great plots and story lines. Plus – it’s fun to write!

Which character did you enjoy creating the most and why?

I love my main leads, but the character I enjoyed creating the most was Lark. There’s just so much he can get across without saying very much. And I can’t wait for his love story, which will finish up the series.

Which character are you most like?

Um, this is a tough one! I think I am somewhere in the middle of Falyn and Break. Like Falyn, I had a rough start to life but I made something out of what I had. Always moving on and never looking back. And like Break I am very short and enjoy my tea!

Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

There is something sensual about a vampire, I can’t lie I would love to have that effortless confidence and power. However, the whole blood drinking thing just wouldn’t work for me. I would be one hungry vampire! I would much rather be a werewolf!

Chosen Darkness has a really great cover. Did you design it yourself?

chosenfinal2I am very lucky in the fact I did get a lot of say on my cover. I needed the people on the front to be as close to the people whose story is inside as possible!

Do you have any strange or quirky writing habits?

Yes, a few. One of them is that I always start with a title. I will hear a song or see a title of a TV show and something in the wording will stand out. I think, “Man, that would make a great title!” This is what happened with Chosen Darkness: I was watching an episode of One Tree Hill that was called ‘As for me, I have Chosen Darkness’. And the phrase ‘Chosen Darkness’ stood out. After that the world started building and the story was born.

Tell us briefly about what you’re writing at the moment.

Along with Chosen Shadows, book two in the Chosen Series, I am working on a contemporary novella series. Book one, Office Hours, should be out by the end of this summer.

What one snippet of advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Write. And write often! If you want to be an author you need to keep at it. You’re only going to get better with each story!

What do your family and friends think of you being an author?

No one is surprised I am writing as I started young. I won so many awards for my short stories and poems in school that no one is shocked I am still at it. My sisters and girl cousins use to beg for me to finish my stories I told them at night! Yes, even then I started a series of stories that I spun out over long summers for them.

And finally, in Chosen Darkness, one of the characters, Break, loves a nice cup of tea! What’s your favorite food and drink?

Glazed pork chops with strawberry salsa. Yum! As for drink, tea. I have so much tea, it’s insane! I love to collect it! I drink it with milk which my hubby thought was the oddest thing when we first got married. He never heard of putting milk in your tea! I couldn’t picture it any other way. Coffee is a close second – I’m not sure I could function without it most days!

Find out more about Fawn at her blog here.

And do treat yourself to Chosen Darkness which you can buy here.