Another Year Closer to Death: the humorous diary of film legend (or is it leg end) Kensington Gore


I’ve been fortunate enought to be able to pin down a very busy man – semi-retired horror film producer Kensington Gore – to ask  him about his recently published and very entertaining diary that I was honoured to edit for him.

Tell us briefly about One Year Closer to Death.

It’s my diary… Too brief?
Sorry young lady, I always have problems with briefs. It’s my diary in which I set out to show in words my comeback into the movie world. The story of my creation and production of my last great Horror feature.
Sadly, like all things in life, it didn’t turn out quite as simple as that.

Why did you feel the need to publish your diary?

In the first place it was to publicise my last great horror film “Werewolves of London,” I knew 2012 was going to be an amazing year. What with the Queen’s jubilee that summer long sports day thing, London felt like the centre of the universe.
Hasn’t felt like that since the swinging sixties, back then I was too busy swinging and off me head to remember a bloody thing so I thought this time get it down Kenny old boy. Keep it for prosperity- I mean posterity!

Was it easy to write? Do you feel you’ve given away too much about your private life – or not enough?
Well, as with most diaries it was just taken one day at a time.

I thought a lot about what I put in and in the end I thought bugger it, best to lay myself bare. Warts and all so to speak. There’s too many bland, banal, so-called celebrities these days I decided to give people a an insight into a real character, I’m a horror leg end don’t you know?

kenpumpkinDid your wife Marge help in the writing and editing process?
Marge was a brick. In fact I often wanted to throw her through the window!

No, seriously that woman inspires me every day of my life. It is for her I bother standing up erect.
She did give a little help with editing but she’s American you see and kept wanting us to have sex in the “parking lot” or an “elevator”, the sex I didn’t mind I just didn’t want to confuse the reader with the terminology.
In the end I got a very good professional editor, her name escapes me at the moment but you look a lot like her…

How has your film production experience helped with your writing?

It always helps me, every day and every way, working to deadlines, knowing you have to fine tune right up to publishing. Realising things that happen out of your hands that sometimes are pure magic and you have to, as I like to say, just slip them in.

Did you design the cover yourself?
That’s me on the cover – but it was designed by my grandson Graeme Parker. He’s a whizz with all that computer jiggery pokery. He touched me up and took years off me.

kendeadfunnyWhat are you working on now? Will it be out soon?

I’ve got more fingers in more pies than a whole host of fat chefs.
My biggest project is now I have some finances I’ll be starting to shoot my feature “Werewolves of London” it’s a great script that shows London in a totally new light.
My agent Sol also wants me to do a novel of the film, says he wants to tap in the YA market, whatever that means? Think he means YMCA but I’ll not dance to the beat of that dance.
I’m working on a new diary for 2013 and this time it will be more about the film making process. I’d like to make it the must have handbook for young horror film makers. I’m keeping my rants to a minimum.
Working on a joke book about the battle of the sexes with my good young female writer friend, Leesa Wallace, she’s very talented you know you should interview her.
I also have three of my “Twisted Tales” collection of short stories coming soon. They are all Love stories with a dark twisted edge. I did mean to have them published for Valentines until I took unwell; but I’m a lover any time of the year and fighting fit and ready to spread the love and Gore.

Which authors or books are you reading at the moment?

Sadly I don’t get much chance to read for pleasure at the moment. I use a lot of audio books – at the moment in my Sony Walkman I have “The Rotters Club” by Jonathan Coe. A book set in the Seventies, good book but a horrible decade that sadly I remember all too much.

When did you first realize you wanted to be an author as well as a film director?

I’ve always written all my life. My mother said I was born with a pen in my hand; that surprised the midwife, I can tell you.

As a director it was always a different challenge taking another’s words and sharing the vision and making their words come alive on the screen. Now maybe in my old age I just have time for my own vision, I have my own stories to tell with my very own unique touch of Gore.

kenbetWhat one snippet of advice would you give to aspiring self-published authors?
Normally the only advice I give to actors is don’t take advice. But I have to say as a self-published author it might feel like it’s you doing everything and the world and his dog is against you but it doesn’t have to be like that: get a good support team around you. My wife Marge is often giving me a hand, granted usually to my face and slapping me and telling me to behave myself.

Oh, and if you are taking self-publishing seriously get a good editor you can work with. I was lucky I got the best.

OK, enough of the serious stuff. Do you ever write naked?

It’s the only way I ever write, true it gets me a few funny looks when I’m writing on the train.

Has the dog ever eaten your manuscript or the cat or pig sat on the delete button on your computer and destroyed a work-in-progress?

My pet dog Fang eats anything and everything but luckily never ate my work. My pet pig, Bacon Sandwich, once tried to eat my memory stick. He thought it was a boiled sweet which I normally feed him as he sits beside me in my office.
Marge says like-minded company flock together.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

It’s hard to say. I worked in the House of Commons as a reporter and when even younger I worked down the sewers. It was a pretty bad dealing with the shit and the bloody turds on a daily basis but working in the sewers was pretty bad too.

What are your three favourite bloke’s gadgets and why?

It might surprise you, my dear, I’m not much of a gadget man. I’m old school. Mind you I’d be lost without my smart phone but at times it’s so smart it just makes me feel incredibly dumb. The TV remote control is the greatest invention known to man but it causes more fights than anything else in our house. I’m always wrestling with the grandkids over it, desperate to watch In the Night Garden. In the end they give in and let me watch.

And finally, anything else our readers need to know about you?
I can breathe through my ears, Marge says that comes in handy. My favourite whiskey is Glenfiddich but you’ve all missed my birthday it was on Valentine’s Day. I’m seventy-eight you know?
You can get to know more about me in my website
Also on a writing front I’m doing quite a bit of work for charity. Normally I don’t like to talk about it but they are two very worthy causes.

Firstly for Comic Relief – I’m doing A joke-a-thon on the night of Friday the 15th of March you can follow me on the night on @kensington_gore
I hope to raise at least £500 towards that but would love to raise a lot more. I like to try and do my bit, as Marge can verify.

If people would be kind enough to sponsor me on the Comic Relief site my grandson has set up.

We also plan to put all the jokes I write and that people send to me on the night into a joke book with all profits going to Comic Relief.

portiaI’m also working on a collection of various up and coming authors to make a charity collection called “Kensington Gore’s Twisted Tails” shorts with a twist in the tale about animals somehow. All profits hoping to go to the RSPCA. Hoping to get ten or twelve writers involved, kind of pay it forward, help them out and help animals out charity and animals too.
Any writers wanting to get involved in this or any future projects feel free to contact me via e-mail [email protected]

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