2013 at Books Are Cool is all about Indie Authors

Books Are Cool has changed quite a lot since I started it over a year ago. It began as a general writing site with posts about the writing and publishing processes, whilst also incorporating a little promotion for my own books. However, I soon realised that there were already a zillion writing websites out there, doing a better job than I could ever do. And so I began to include more reviews until now Books Are Cool is pretty much a dedicated book blog.That’s how it will continue.

I review several books a week, on top of editing several more, and so I come across plenty of material by indie authors worth sharing with other readers. We all like to discover new books to read and there’s no shortage in this ebook era. Knowing which to choose is the tricky bit so that’s where reviews come in handy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my reviews up to now, and I hope that will continue.

For authors looking for reviews, drop me a message on the contact form. Due to a severe family illness that swamped our lives in October and November last year, I have a slight backlog of books to read and review but I hope to have caught up by the end of January and after that will attempt to turn books submitted to me in a fortnight. So do get in touch and I’ll schedule you in.

Here’s wishing you all happy reading in 2013!

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  1. It’s a great idea and fills in a genuine need. I think readers appreciate help finding good reads. So sorry to hear about your family. I hope everyone is on the mend now and things are better. Happy New Year to you!

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