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What Kind Of Writing Animal Are You?

A visit to the zoo today has inspired this post!

So … what kind of writing animal are you?

Panda – you’re a showy writer and refuse to be hurried, but don’t let time run out on you.

Meerkat – you’re too busy studying the market and watching everyone else to actually sit down and write!

Koala – you’re too spaced out to write, man.

Albino wallaby – you write because you’re unique. You have something really different to say.

Rhino – you charge into writing without thinking and so  you’re always rewriting and revising and never quite getting there.

Orang Utan – you’re too laid back to write, man.

Alligator – you’re snappy and aggressive and you’re gonna destroy the opposition.

Porcupine – you’re too prickly to take advice or criticism about your writing from anyone.

Exotic bird – you’re only writing a book to show off to friends and family.

Penguin – you write because it’s the in-thing to do. You want to be like everyone else.

Snake – you’re inscrutable so no one knows why you write.

Giraffe – you write because you love it and it makes you feel great. You feel ten feet tall – if not more!

Or are you another writing animal altogether?


7 thoughts on “What Kind Of Writing Animal Are You?

  1. I’m a lawless child of giraffe and meerkat :))

    1. I’m a rather unproductive meerkat-rhino hybrid at the moment!

  2. I’m an alligator. I can’t tell if that’s good or bad…

    1. Definitely good I think!

  3. I’m usually a chimera with panda, snake and giraffe body parts, and currently with a mind of a koala… what was I thinking to write about, again? *spaces out*

  4. Giraffe. How else could I put up with all the madness that goes with the creative life? 🙂

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