Virtual Book Tour – Blood: The New Red by David S Grant

David S Grant is the author of ten books, including Corporate Porn, Bleach|Blackout, Hollywood Ending, and Rock Stars. He also writes weekly rock, travel, and NBA columns from New York City.

Blood: The New Red really started with Corporate Porn since that featured a model, named Mickey, who worked in the adult movie industry. Now he gets to be the lead, the anti-hero.

Blood: The New Red is a quirky, almost surreal novel. It explores what might appear to be the glittering side of life in New York City but which actually turns out to be dark and almost dystopian. It’s set in a world of models and fashion designers where frightening amounts of alcohol and drugs are consumed at every party. Mickey spends a lot of his time either passing out or recovering from the night before. You have to wonder how he keeps his looks. His associates – you can’t really call them friends, even Juanita his girlfriend – all seem as self-obsessed as Mickey. This is a world where there is little loyalty or trustworthiness. There isn’t any real emotion since these characters are incapable of it. There’s sex but not love. There’s hate but it’s only surface deep although destructively violent none the less. No one really knows anyone else.

And just who exactly is ‘the manager’?

Blood: The New Red makes for an interesting read. It’s by no means a straightforward book and it’s definitely not predictable. There are moments of farcical comedy but it’s not a laugh out loud book. It’s too on the edge for that.

David is currently working on a novel titled The Devil Wears Black Leather as well as non-fiction works centered on rock bands.

David has a website at

You can follow him on Twitter @david_s_grant.


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