Tropical Romance At Christmas: Her Christmas Prince by Caroline A Godin

Her Christmas Prince by Caroline A Godin is a enjoyable festive romantic comedy. Thirty-something Callie wishes that her love life went as well as her business life as owner and operator of the Beach Buzz café. Her boyfriend Brian has just dumped her, and her mother, Milly, is expecting him to show up for Christmas. Callie hasn’t told her of her latest dating disaster yet. Milly is a little on the unforgiving and demanding side. Callie will get a grilling and a lot of blame when she finally comes clean.

Callie heads off to the bar run by her friend Tom for a drink and meets an attractive stranger, Henry. He sounds foreign and is rather intriguing but also a touch on the pushy side. He wants to know what’s bothering Callie but she won’t tell. However, when her mother marches into the bar and quickly finds out about Brian, Henry pretends to be her new boyfriend as he sees how much Milly is upsetting Callie with her accusations. And so he’s invited to Christmas with Callie’s family!

If that’s not enough of a complication, there’s more. Henry is a prince and trying to hide away from his royal life for a while, but a member of the paparazzi has discovered him, so not only are Callie and Henry’s actions under close scrutiny by Milly but by him as well. Can any sort of relationship develop under such invasive gazes? Is Callie ready for another potential ill-fated liaison?

The author keeps us guessing for a while as the plot twists and turns, but also, amongst the fun and games, finds time to bring out the true meaning of Christmas. It’s shown as time of families and love and not all about the materialistic glitz and glamor. This book is more than the light novella it might appear. There is plenty to think about – family pressures and values, individuality and independence, duty and happiness.

This is a clever, Christmassy book that is unusual, atmospheric, very enjoyable.

I only contacted Caroline this morning but she was able to find time out from her Christmas preparations to tell me why she wrote this story. “I love November and December, because in North America, it means we have a multitude of new Christmas movies and novels to enjoy.  Christmas is one of my favourite times of year, I think people are more hopeful and kinder to each other.  I thought it was a great time of year to set a romance story, and I thought putting a Christmas story in a tropical zone made it just a little different.” More than just different, it makes it brilliant!

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