October is Book Review Month: Starting with Forever Love by Deborah Armstrong

October is going to be book review month. Reviews are so important to authors but so hard for them to get. People mean well when they say they’ll review a book, and they usually genuinely mean to, but life gets in the way or perhaps the book isn’t quite their cup of tea but they don’t want to be rude. In contrast, sadly some people believe that writing a review allows them to be as rude and nasty and personal as possible! You can’t win.

Anyway, to do  my part I’ll be posting a review every day – here, on Goodreads, Library Thing and anywhere else I can think of.

I’m kicking off OcBoReMo with Forever Love by Deborah Armstrong.

Forever Love by Deborah Armstong is the perfect read for anyone who enjoys spicy contemporary romance. Forty-something author and widow Davina Stuart sits next to much younger actor heart-throb Quinn Thomas on a flight to Los Angeles to talk about the movie script for one of her books. They’re attracted to each other right away, although Davina tries to be sensible. However, Quinn is very persistent and a romantic weekend follows. But there are problems as they face into the future. Davina isn’t looking for a long-term relationship and Quinn has an ex who can’t let go. Can Quinn persuade Davina his love is real and can she love again? She was betrayed before so she’s wary. And at her age she most definitely doesn’t want to start a family. It’s not looking too optimistic for them.

Davina is very successfully portrayed. The reader really gets inside her and feels her longings and frustrations and understands the reasons for her decisions. Quinn doesn’t come over quite as sympathetically as the heroine. You feel sorry for him for the baggage he carries and the difficulties he faces as a star, but his habit of calling Davina ‘woman’ all the time definitely becomes jarring. Settings are nicely described and you get a real sense of the characters’ lifesytles. This is very well written escapism, entirely believable and with nice touches of humour along the way. There is sensuality, but also tension and a few twists and turns along the way. It’s good entertainment from a promising author.