Modern Romance: Green Eyed Temptation by Lori Leger

Green Eyed Temptation (Halos and Horns) by Lori Leger is a modern romance with a lot of punchiness to it. It may be a classic love triangle, here one girl, Angelique Baptiste who is taking a break from bedding guys while she tries to sort her life out, and two men, both tough and attractive. There’s police colleague Mike Harper and ex-Seal Liam Nash, the latter with a whole host of skeletons in his cupboard that he’s finally laid to rest. However, he ran out on Angelique a year ago and is one of the reasons she’s had to get counselling from a therapist and take drastic measures to get her emotional life back on track. A gritty, heart-rending subplot make this book much more than a simple romance. There are guts to this story and it quickly becomes absorbing.

The book is a spin-off from the author’s hugely successful ‘La Fleur de Love’ series and uses characters who have appeared in previous stories. This is a strategy Lori Leger uses to great effect as it is intriguing for readers. It also lends a sense of familiarity as you read. There are plenty of interesting secondary characters, such as Tanner Collins, whom you hope you’ll come across again. And soon. The author’s style is conversational and easy, with a humorous touch. For example, she gives us two endings – a sweet one, and a decidedly hotter one too! She creates sensual situations as skilfully as she builds tension and intrigue and is a polished, accomplished author.