Indie Authors don’t do Impossible! – Blog Hop 22nd May

It’s not easy being an indie author. The writing part is fun, but the rest – the platform-building, promoting, marketing and especially the selling – is hard. Sometimes it seems impossible and it’s easy to get discouraged. But we soldier on because we love writing. Indie authors don’t do impossible.

So to celebrate that, I’m organising a blog hop on St Rita’s day, 22nd May. Why then? Well, St Rita is the patron saint of the impossible. She did things that her contemporaries thought were impossible. And so do we, right?

Here’s the graphic to with it. Since St Rita was associated with roses and figs, I went with figs for the background.

Photo by Petr Kratochvil


Here’s the deal:
The blog hop takes place on 22nd May 2012. Please offer something free that day with your post which ideally should be about your experiences as an indie author and/or a sample of one your creations. You can either offer something to everyone who visits your blog – a list of writing tips, a free ebook, a bookmark etc – or a bigger prize to just one visitor whose name you’ll pick at random. This freebie/prize must be sent out to the claimants/winner by 29th May. Lay out what your rules are in your post so that readers know what’s going on. Put up the full list of participants on your site so that visitors can hop off to those blogs too. I’ll send the list out on the 21st May.

And here’s the linky:


Please join in and spread the word. Blog hops are fun and bring lots of new readers to your blog.

Disclaimer: Each author/blogger is responsible for his/her own contest. I am not and will not be responsible if freebies/prizes are not distributed to the claimants/winner in a timely manner.