Guest Post from R Peter Ubtrent, Science Fiction Author

I’m very excited to hand my blog over today to an extremely talented author whose books I know you will enjoy reading.


Stephanie asked me to submit a guest post to her site and so here it goes. I’m R. Peter Ubtrent, an independent author with seven books in print. The first is titled Eternity’s Handmaiden and is set in the near future where oil has run out, hover-cars rule the skies and every part of your body can be replaced to be like new, all, that is, except for the brain. When someone comes up with a way to transfer a person’s entire brain to a new body, creating pseudo-immortality, everything starts to go wrong. This is an action/mystery/science-fiction novel that takes you from the Earth to the outposts on the moon and mars and to the future.

My other six books are all part of a series entitled the Dark Pilgrim Series. Book one, Dark Pilgrim Rising, which just received a 5 star rating from Reader’s Favorites, is a story set in the far distant future, when humans are in control of vast stretches of the galaxy, battling back and forth with the other indigenous life-forms for control of the lucrative trade routes that connect planetary systems. The Imperium has the formidable navy at its disposal and The Church of the Blessed Prophets has its zeal, faith, and the Confessios to root out heretics. Within this world of brutality, repression and nearly totalitarian control come Ailanthus and Tethys, life-long friends who find themselves in one of the worst penal colonies of the Imperium. Befriending a variety of aliens, the two men fight to escape while the galaxy around them implodes in on itself with greed, avarice and religious zeal. It is a story of friendship and loyalty, both of which are tested severely as Ailanthus and Tethys learn, over the course of the six novels, that they are far more important to the survival of the galaxy and humanity then they had ever thought.

About Peter

Peter has degrees in Astrophysics, History and Secondary Education and a PhD. in Military History. He has been writing since high school, where he wrote his first novel, a combination of The Lord of the Rings, Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever and The Book of Swords. When he had finished writing, he realized that there wasn’t much original in the words, just a combination of the other author’s works! That books was scrapped. From that point on, Peter decided to not read fiction anymore but concentrate instead on his history books, so as not to corrupt his writing with what others had already written.

Peter has a two-book series ready for print, called The Sslithax Heresy, an epic tale of time travel and adventure that burrows into the very heart of humanity and its beginnings. He has also written the first of a three-book series entitled Caelus, the first book titled A Requiem for Caelus, in which a vast galactic hegemony attacks planets for their resources and colonization rights, killing the majority of the inhabitants and taking those chosen to serve in either the military or the bed-chambers of the high lords of the Va’Shan Empire. When they attack the planet of Caelus, the seven survivors of the indigenous inhabitants herald the downfall of the mighty empire.

You can view all the books at Peter’s website

Peter currently lives against the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico with his lovely wife.


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