Fantastic Fantasy for Tweens and Teens: Light & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight, by Daniel Fife

It’s the start of a new term for Danny, a decent, nothing-special 13 year old. A new girl to the school, Sabrina, catches his eye, especially when it turns out she plays the fantasy card game Knights that Danny loves. The game has three factions of Light, Gray and Dark and pits the force of good against evil through the fantastical creatures and knights on the cards. Only it’s more than that. Danny discovers that this realm actually exists. Suddenly he’s rubbing shoulders with Dragonics, dragons, drakes, Shadows shifters, knights, elves and magic of all kinds. Why? What’s so special about him that he’s become involved? How can he help guard the Eye of Darkness while the world waits for the Mageknight.

This is a great book for tweens and young teens. It would have been easy to make the characters a little older and attitude-ridden and aimed at the popular older YA audience. But luckily this author doesn’t. Daniel Fife writes perfectly for this age group. Danny and his schoolfriends are very typical 13 year olds, apart from the odd magical quality of course, and the plot and action are ideally suited. Enough excitement, tension, threat and battle but not too dark and disturbing. Their world might encompass good and evil but it’s also an everyday one where parents and school rules have to be obeyed and homework has to be done. The story moves at a good pace from the very start and quickly draws the reader into the action. Danny develops and takes on massive responsibilities but stays his likeable, still-slightly-childish self. Both adults and youngsters will enjoy this well crafted fantasy novel.



  1. Thank you very much for the honest and wonderfully written review.

    Daniel M. Fife, Author

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