Book Review: Werewolf Descent by Elizabeth Jean Kolodziej

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Werewolf Descent by Elizabeth Jean Kolodziej is the second in the Last Witch series, following on from Vampyre Kisses. Faith, the last witch in the world, and Trent, her loving Irish vampire boyfriend, have moved to live near New York for peace and quiet after their last exciting adventure. But along comes Vincent, the psychic vampire. Instead of feeding on blood, he feeds on auras, on energy. This is a very original twist to the paranormal genre and one that works extremely well. Vincent is also after Faith’s heart, in the nice way, although that’s not nice for the loyal Trent. Faith is altogether too quick to find the newcomer attractive. It has to be said she’s not the most likeable character at times, although she’s always lively and fascinating. A love triangle develops. Elsewhere, werewolves are being kidnapped and their prince, Zou Tai, comes to ask for help. An alchemist is involved somewhere too. There is action of all sorts in this book.

This is a constantly snaking story, twisting and turning and never predictable. It is narrated by three different characters, Faith, Trent and Zou Tai. This works very well and lends interest to the story with the insights we gain into these three people and how they perceive each other. There are many fascinating characters in the book, Oran the cat being just one example. Another clever touch is the weaving in of Greek mythology with the paranormal. It’s an entertaining and confidently written book, and we’re left impatient to know what happens next.

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