Book Review: Chrysalis: The Awakening by M L Lacy

Chrysalis: The Awakening by M L Lacy is an interesting combination of paranormal and contemporary romance. In her early thirties, Aubrey Marie – Bree – discovers that she is the Chosen One. The last Chosen One. She has a clan of vampires, werewolves and other supernaturals protecting her. Esmerelda the egomaniac sorceress is out to destroy Bree so that she can gain supremacy over the human race. Life hasn’t been easy for Bree, with so much being kept secret from her, mysterious accidents happening to her, and on top of all that, a disastrous marriage to an abusive man, Nick. Bree has been ‘mated’ to Stephen since her birth but her memories of him have been blocked for her benefit. Suddenly he’s in her life again and she can’t explain the peculiar attraction she feels to him, or why it seems that she knows him. Gradually, at a family reunion in Vegas, her recollection of the past comes back to her. Bree’s world is about to change – big time.

Lacy creates reality and fantasy settings and action equally well. She is a very readable author with a direct, easy style that gets to the point and keeps the story motoring along. She uses the concept of a chrysalis as being a stage of development in this book. Bree is developing, both as a woman relating to a man and as a magical being. She’s a strong, active character, very likeable. All the characters are complex and cleverly drawn. There’s an element of erotic romance entwined in with all the other action too. This book has everything and is an extremely accomplished debut novel.