Be A Better Self-Publisher – Thanks To Nicholas Black

How to Publish a Best Seller on

This is a must-read for anyone contemplating self-publishing. Nick has learnt the hard way i.e. by experience, how to achieve excellent sales on Amazon. He willingly shares his expertise. The book is characterized by honesty – he gives his various sales results, warts and all – and enthusiasm. He admits at the outset that he didn’t know jack about publishing when he embarked on writing and promoting his books but figured it out. He has now self-published more than 20 books. You can’t help but be swept along by this author’s enjoyment of the ebook revolution. With Nick to guide you, you can’t help feeling that you too can get somewhere with your own books.

The most valuable advice he gives is to focus on downloads, rather than sales. Get the first one rolling, and the sales will follow.

Nick describes this book as a course syllabus, and he  covers pretty much everything from the general basics such as why use Amazon and what KDP is all about, to the importance of key words, pricing strategy, how to use Twitter to boost sales, drawing up a launch strategy and creating a marketing timeline. Throughout Nick Black supports his claims and offers explanations.

The major elements that readers are looking for in an ebook are quality, author, cover design and genre. By following this author’s advice, you can learn how to meet if not exceed their expectations in these fields by understanding what epublishing involves, producing the goods, using and experimenting with keywords,  hunting for review opportunities and adopting a marketing mentality. This book gives you a good, firm kick in the pants to smarten up your act as an indie author and inspires you as well as informs you. It’s an excellent resource.


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