Affections by Warren L G De Mills: Love Poetry to Inspire a Love of Poetry

There are two kinds of people in the world – those who read poetry and those who don’t. Sadly the latter is the bigger group, most of its member put off poetry for life by having to learn awful rhymes by heart at school. Generally the poems presented to kids all through school aren’t the most inspiring and few go on to read poetry for fun in later life.

That’s frankly a tragedy. While people aren’t cut off from poetry totally, since we all love listening to songs on the radio and what are they if not poetry set to music, there’s so much enjoyment and inspiration to be gained from reading poems. Warren L G de Mills would be a great poet to start with to reintroduce yourself to the beauty and fun of poetry.

Warren’s collection, Affections, consists of twenty-five romantic poems that play with language and emotion. Some are triumphant, some are sad, but all celebrate love, whatever its outcome. They all also celebrate language. De Mills revels in words. It comes as no surprise to learn that he is a songwriter too as there is real musicality to his verse. The rhythms and wordplay sweep you along. Opening poem ‘You Are’ explodes with alliteration and a prediction – ‘You are a poem perfectly penned’. In my opinion this whole book of poetry is perfectly penned. Throughout there is the mastery of words and meter in many different forms. We have free verse and rhyming verse, long flowing lines as in ’14 Year Old Valentine’ and ‘Thoughts of You’ and the short punchy lines of ‘Lass of Love Lost’, and sometimes both together as in ‘Dark Love’. There are superb images in every poem, some of my favorites being the endless maze and numerous corridors that embody unrequited love in the poem of that name, and the moon that floats in the sky like a leaf in ‘The Ailing Love’. The poems are joyous like ‘Bria’, or regretful, as is ‘Au Revoir’, but even if love brings sadness sometimes, it never makes this poet bitter. He sees the best in everyone and the value of every situation and celebrates the good and bad with his exuberant, energetic poetry. Upbeat, good natured optimism colors all his verse and makes it so enjoyable and positive.

This is a fabulous collection of love poems by a versatile poet. Some make you smile, some make you think, and they’re all enjoyable. You’ll read them again and again because they’re that good.

Affections is available from Smashwords here.


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