Demon Soul by Christine Ashworth isn’t run-of-the-mill paranormal. Ashworth has taken the genre and given it refreshingly original treatment. We have Rose Walters, who has made a bit of a mess of  her life so far and nearly died, being given a chance to come back so she can save Gabriel Caine. Gabriel and his brother Justin are suspicious of her at first as they can sense that she is more than human now. So is Gabriel. He and Justin are tribreds, a mixture of human, demon and fae. Throw in Gabriel’s ex, Satine, who has taken something he desperately needs back, and you have a very interesting story as Rose and Gabriel join forces to solve the very dangerous problem that faces him.

It’s a gritty story. Rose is no angel with a history of drug abuse. But she’s courageous and likeable and very determined. She learns what family love can be like and that’s very heartwarming. All the characters have depth that makes them fascinating. They’re all flawed which makes them all the more human and sympathetic. You get drawn into their conflicts and really care what happens to them. And it helps that some of them are rather sexy too! The plot is far from predictable in this battle of good versus evil. The book is confidently and persuasively written. It’s no problem to suspend your disbelief and accept the paranormal as completely normal. There are more books to come in this series which is seriously good news.