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Runaways and Non-Movers – Weekly Sales Round-Up

Monday again, so time for a sales update. It’s all I’m capable of tonight anyway, having been out for 12 hours doing a hygiene course – in French! Interesting and useful, but hard work.

Anyway, to book matters.

Oh Gran: 1005 (last week 951) = 54  Nice to have crossed the 1,000 mark!

Witch’s Dog: 795 (last week 700) = 95

Escape the Volcano: 610 (last week 554) = 56

De-Witched: 252 (last wee 64) = 188. This is the week’s runaway success.

Witching Again: 88 (last week 70) = 18

Oh Auntie: 32 (last week 32) = 0

Oh Grandad: 21 (last week 21) = 0

Beat the Hackers: 17 (last week 15) = 2

Oh Santa: 12 (last week 11) = 1

And a newcomer: The Smelliest Cheese in the World: 28 this week


Total sales for the week: 388, which is well up from last week’s 244. I’m pleased with that. All from Smashwords this week, nothing from Kindle – again!

I’ve updated the bar chart at the side. You can see which books need a bit more pushing! I have high hopes for Oh Santa, which should be appearing in Barnes and Noble’s Nook Book Store sometime this week. I intend to do a lot of Tweeting and maybe a blog post and guest blog post or two to push it, since it will have a short selling season. Time to roll my sleeves up …


2 thoughts on “Runaways and Non-Movers – Weekly Sales Round-Up

  1. Your blog about proof-reading on the Kindle is so amazing and will certainly do it from now on. Thank you.
    I also want to thank you, as I believe you reviewed my book Big Backpack– Little World. It was such a great review and described my book the way I wanted it to be presented. You did a much better job describing it than I did. Millions of thanks.
    I don’t know if this is appropriate or not, but if you can or want to I would love this review to be posted on Amazon. It’s such a useful review I want it out there for all to see.
    You are quite the writer, and enjoy everything I’ve read. Keep up the great work, and much success to you.

    1. I loved your book Donna. It was a real pleasure to review it!

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