Promo Woes

I’m in a quandary and temporarily disheartened. I really don’t know what to do regarding promotion and marketing. I’ve been spending hours on Twitter and various author platform websites such as Author Outbreak, Goodreads, Library Thing etc. But I’m seriously starting to wonder what’s the point. It seems the only other people out there are other authors. I’ve bought some of their books, and a couple of people have bought mine – but if we only ever sell to each other, I don’t think we’ll do very well. Writers don’t get much time for reading on top of self-promoting and writing, and they’re not the wealthiest folk either.

How do you get out there to the readers? Maybe through reviews on Amazon and Smashwords? However, people will only find those if they look you or your book up i.e. they still need to know about you first. But how to get them to that stage?

I’m guessing that the personal website is the key starting point. If you can build up followers to your website that will hopefully turn into buyers for your books, then at least you’re spreading beyond the fellow indie author market.  So I shall cut down the time I spend on social media for a while and put more time and effort into my websites. And my writing. I still think it’s best of all to keep writing and fit the marketing activities around that, and not the other way round.


  1. I think a lot of authors are writing the same blog post — I know I did.

    You’ve got a good asset in a backlist of books. I’d suggest making one of the kids titles free and include links to your other books on the last page of the freebie. Then plaster the Internet with the link to the freebie — there are a million of sites that do nothing but list free Kindle books.

    I’ve only got one title right now, or else I would do that myself.

    I talked to a writer who released some two free short stories at the same time as her first novel. The freebies racked up 50,000 (!) downloads and her novel went from 150 paid in the first month to 3,500 paid in the second month. I think her third month was still 2,000 sales and that was August. I’m going to do a Q&A with her this week.

    1. Thanks for that advice Alex. I have two books ready to roll which I shall put up as freebies now. And thanks for the encouragement too. This writing business is a very up and down one!

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