Friday Round Up

To keep me on my toes, I’m going to do a round up of the week’s writing I’ve done every Friday. Life has got in the way a bit this week with two sick kids and trips to health clinics, but enough of excuses. I’ve done quite a bit of writing none the less. Just need to do a bit more!

So, word counts so far on my works in progress. The titles are all working ones only, so if they make you cringe, don’t panic.

Heads Above the Water: this is my life in France book. Currently at 47,000 words. You’ll find the first 2,000 words here. This project is taking priority at the moment.

Something Fishy: racy fishing mystery. 86,000 words. I have more material written for it, I just need to organise it into chapters. Reading the closest I’ve found to this a modern fishing mystery, and I don’t feel threatened shall we say!

Tricot Treat approx. 20,000 words but very disorganised. This is a knitting/yarn bombing mystery. Plenty of progress in my head but not on paper!

Brownie. Teenage fiction about a girl with a hopeless mum who moves to France. 22,000 words. Coming along nicely, have most of it plotted out in my head. Oh for a few more hours in the day …

Knitting for Frenchaholics: 5 patterns so far. I’ll post more about this during the week. It’s quirky and fun.

I have 3 blogs now – this one, which I post to every day, and I have a new one on the Angling Line’s website, Steph’s Blog, with a fishing-related theme.

And this week t-weekly, the online Daily Telegraph, has accepted a 1,000 word article. Cool!

Spent a fascinating morning at the archives in Gueret today. I shall be going back regularly from now on. So much to find out about Les Fragnes.

Time to take Rors to judo. I sit and write while he’s getting physical. I enjoy my Friday nights in the car!


  1. Well all I can say is that I’m sure you must have way more hours in your day than I do in mine….either that or I must sleep too much, chat too much and waste time too much….You are amazing – and it does give me a much needed kick in the right direction when I read what you’ve been up to.
    I had been planning to have a bath and read my book, but now I’m going to have to go and get super-busy as I clearly have a lot of catching up to do!!

    1. No way Helen! Every time I read your blog, I am full of admiration at how much you get done, and wonder to myself how you fit it all in! Honestly. I admit I’m a fast writer as that’s the only way I can get writing done. I think things through during the day, or night, and then when I get a moment, it’s head down and fingers busy to get it on computer. Go and have your bath – you deserve it!

  2. I didn’t realize you had an entire website just for writing. Brilliant! I agree with Helen–you make me realize I could be doing a lot more writing if I applied myself. I don’t have llamas or guests to take care of or anything.

    1. Actually the llamas and guests look after themselves pretty much! It’s ignoring the housework and neglecting the children that gives me the time to write 🙂 I thoroughly recommend it!!!

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