Ebooks and Younger Readers

I’m in the process of preparing some of my children’s books for publishing on Kindle. The copyright reverted to me a few years ago after Mentor Press sadly decided to stop its children’s publishing. So I will rerelease my books in electronic format. I’m doing a little bit of updating as I format them so they’re spot on for today’s kids. My Beat the Hackers needs to accommodate WiFi and Facebook, and the a few of the chickens named after popstars in Oh Auntie! need to be assume new identities. Britney will become Beyoncé, for example!

They’ll need new covers and ISBNs and a good bit of promotion. That will start very soon. But I have to say, I was impressed as I worked through and rather proud of myself for writing them! They’re fun, lively books that kids will enjoy.

Ruadhri with my Kindle!

Children are taking to ebooks very readily. St Martin’s Press reports that in 2010 young-adult e-books made up 6% of its digital sales, but in 2011, the number is already up to 20%. HarperCollins has seen a similar rise. And that trend will increase now that Ms Rowling is getting in on the act with her Pottermore plans.

Today’s kids have grown up with electronic gizmos – mobiles, organisers, MP3s – so it’s a natural for them to take to ebook readers. And they’re not that expensive now. Parents are wising up to the fact that there are plenty of free downloadable books out there, and that you can get samples of books so they won’t spend good money on a book that the children will never read. They can try it out first.

It looks like a good time to be producing ebooks for tweens and teens.