Blovels Set to Grow in 2012

You probably know by now that I like blovels and serials. I’ve written several posts about this interesting type of fiction. I’m sure we see a lot more coming out in 2012.

First a few words about a new blovel on the block. Check out for what’s shaping up to be a fun novel by Rorie Stevens, with a spot of fishing thrown in, and we’re promised some spicy action is to come. Do give it a look.

Here are three more sites with serials worth knowing about. First up Fiction Express. This describes itself as ‘interactive e-fiction for tweens, teens and young adults where you control the plot through a weekly vote’. You sign up to the site and then, for just 39p, you read a chapter of the work of your choice, vote on what happens next, and then the author writes it given the majority decision.

Eat your Serial: I love this one! It’s a a new, free website that features ‘up and coming writers and their stories in all genres, both fiction and nonfiction.   The idea is simple –  Monday through Friday there will be five unique stories.  Come back the following week, and you get a new chapter, and so on and so forth.’ There are some good stories currently up there.

Last but not least, there’s Discoverlit. Start out on this page to find out what it’s all about. It describes itself as being for readers who want ‘an engaging experience in literature that fits into a mobile lifestyle’. However, it’s also for writers and publishers of poetry, short stories, serials or any other type of short-form literature. There’s a small charge to read the serials there.

Out with the old, in with the new – give this new form of fiction a whirl. I think you’ll enjoy it.



  1. I started off with a new blog novel, but I dont think Im going to get a huge fanbase because Im new to the ‘publishing-your-work’ world. Please do check out ‘The Genadron’:

    Genadron is an amalgam of scifi and fantasy in the backdrop of a campus life and it has got a twisting plot too… Though it’s rather a lengthy one. Subscriptions are free. Honest comments would be appreciated…

  2. Just found this post searching online! I really hope blovels earn more of a following. Heck if cellphone novels work in Japan, why can’t this sort of thing take of more in the online space? We’re all online, we’re all out of time, but we need our entertainment!

    Can’t find the time to read? How about reading in bits and pieces? I’m really stumped as why this sort of thing hasn’t caught on more.

  3. I have been trying to find blovel sites online. I write a blovel at and I was hoping to find writers like me so that I could add them to my bloglist. A majority of the sites I found on google are no longer existing. others have not updated their blogs in ages, and the rest pot articles that are not part of the story.

    is there any directory that lists real blovels?

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