Better Name for an Ebook Reader

Ebook reader isn’t the most exciting name, is it? It’s appropriate and logical but rather pedantic. I think that’s why we tend to use the trade names for our readers, such as Kindle or Nook. They have a feeling of cosiness about them – like the idea of curling up with a good book.

The French word used most often for ebook reader is ‘livrel’. ‘Livre’ is French for book, and ‘el’ is the first syllable of ‘electronique’. But this is France where there are several ways of saying the same thing! So we also have ‘livreuse’ and ‘bouquineur’ for ebook readers. I think they’re all rather catchy.

So what would be a nicer generic term than plain old ebook reader?Here are my suggestions:


ELF – Electronic Literary Faciliatator

EARTH – Electronic Apparatus for Reading Texts, Hooray

Pocket Library


ELBORG – ELectronic BOok  Reading Gizmo

Hmm. Not massively inspiring, but of the list I like ELF best!

What would your suggestions for a new name for ebook readers?