A Slog of Bloggers?

There are a lot of book bloggers like me out there – new indie authors,  established ‘traditional’ authors, book reviewers and book lovers. I wondered what a good collective noun would be for us. I love collective nouns – a murder of crows, a charm of goldfinches, a labour of moles, and a pace of donkeys are just a few excellent examples.  Now, for bloggers, and particularly book bloggers? A shelf of bloggers? A library of bloggers perhaps? Since we’re all artists, how about a creativity of bloggers? An originality of bloggers? Most definitely a brilliance of bloggers! But there’s a strong sense of comaraderie amongst book bloggers too. We comment thoughtfully on each others’ blogs because we genuinely enjoy reading what fellow bloggers are writing about, as well as what they’re writing if they’re authors. So, an encouragement of bloggers? A friendship of bloggers? But what about the bad times, when we can’t think of anything to write (a slog of bloggers), when we’re getting behind with our blog (a backlog of bloggers), we can’t think what to write (a fog of bloggers) or we want to let off steam about something annoying us (a grump of bloggers) or we’ve had a bad self-promotion day (an in-the-dumps of bloggers)?

Let me have your suggestions please!