28 Days to Write a Book – Really?

After dithering for a week or so over whether to invest in a much-trumpeted ‘write a book in 28 days’ course, I finally gave in and decided to give it a shot. My CD for the Nick Daws course came yesterday so I installed it at once and had a look.

First glance, I wasn’t that impressed. There didn’t seem to be a great deal of material there. However, sitting outside the judo dojo in Boussac while Caiti tussled with and threw blokes around for an hour, I had a much more thoughtful look through. And … frankly, I’m a convert. I’ve already drafted out two non-fiction books I intend to write, inspired by the ideas of how to go about it on the CD. I’ve seen how to improve on Heads Above Water, my living in France book, big time, and maybe now even get two or three books out of the idea. And there’s advice on fiction too which I shall study this afternoon while the Saturday judo class takes place, once I’ve done a quick shop at Simply Market of course. Now that the two teens are home for the hols, apart from a couple of days of exams back a lycée, food shopping becomes a regular and very tedious pastime, the downside to having them at home all the time. But a price worth paying!

So, I’m very enthused with writing ideas at the moment. So enthused I hardly slept a wink last night due to buzzy brain syndrome. The CD should come with a health warning. I’m going to introduce my office hours for the hols ie times when I will sit and write and mustn’t be disturbed (by others) or distracted (by the Internet,and darned if I can’t produce my book in 4 weeks! Watch this space …